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Tax Guidance for non-residents

Are you a non-tax resident in Spain? Whether you own property, have shares, or conduct professional activities in Spain, you are subject to specific tax obligations.

What We Cover:
Incomes from work and studies in Spain.
Incomes derived from capital assets, such as interests and dividends from entities residing in Spain.
Incomes from real estate properties in Spain, including ownership, rental, or sale cases.

In addition to assisting you with your tax obligations, we also handle local and regional taxes as required, making your investments or work experience in Spain smoother.

Trust AC Advisors for professional and expert handling of your tax matters in Spain. Let us take care of the details, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you and your business!

Tax Guidance for foreign residents

What We Can Help you with:

  • Analysis of the tax situation in your home country.
  • Choosing the best tax regime to suit your needs.
  • Beckham Law tax application.
  • Communication to the central administration of the chosen regime.
  • Procedures with the Tax Office and the Social Security Treasury in Spain.
  • Improving and saving taxes on property sales.
    International donations.
  • Loans, filing of self-employed models, private contracts and advice in the case of international loans.

Mortgages in Spain

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized services to ensure that foreign clients effectively manage their mortgages, while complying with all tax and regulatory obligations in the country where they acquire the property.


  • Assessment of Financing Options
  • Analysis of Tax Implications
    Optimization of Financial Structure
  • Minimization of Tax Burden
  • Negotiation with Financial
  • Institutions
  • Risk and Benefit Assessment


Remember, it’s important to have legal and financial guidance throughout the process to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the mortgage loan, as well as your obligations as a mortgage holder in Spain.

Setting up subsidiaries in Spain

Subsidiaries in Spain can provide several tax advantages to foreign companies.


  • Double Taxation Treaties
  • Competitive Corporate Income Tax
  • Deductions and Bonuses
  • Withholding Taxes Advantages
  • Freedom of Capital Movements
  • Investment Protection
  • Incentives for Innovative Companies
  • Access to EU Markets


It’s important to note that tax advantages may vary depending on the legal structure of the company, industry, location, and other factors. Consulting with tax advisors or legal experts is recommended to receive specific and personalized advice on the tax advantages of having a subsidiary in Spain.

Guidance for Foreign Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Are You Operating Outside Your Home Country?
If you’re a digital nomad or a foreign freelancer, you have specific tax obligations. Our services cater to individuals like you, ensuring that you pay taxes only where you are required to.

We assist you in filing the necessary tax declarations, handling all the paperwork hassle, and ensuring compliance with international tax agreements.

Trust us for professional and expert handling of your tax matters worldwide. Let us handle the intricate details, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters to you – your business and your global adventures.

Navigating the tax landscape with you. What's next?

[…] Solo podemos decir que, a parte de ser una gran profesional que conoce lo que hace y siempre tener el consejo adecuado para nosotros, es sobre todo una persona encantadora.

Alejandro Cabanas

AC Advisors helped with choosing and obtaining the tax residence status. All the information about tax regimes was presented in a concise and clear way. They took all the details of obtaining the chosen status upon themselves, while still keeping me informed along the way. All in all great service from them.

Vasilii Kuzmin

 I requested for applying the Beckham’s Law in almost last minute where the deadline of application was very close and AC Advisor kept my case in priority and managed to get the approval for Bechkam’s Law.

Muhammad Shoaib

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